Learn More About the Seafair Scholarship for Women Program

Dating back to 1950, the Seafair Scholarship for Women Program was originally designed as a pageant to select articulate young women as Seafair representatives to greet visiting dignitaries and share the Seafair message. Today, the program has evolved into one which rewards academic achievements, celebrates diversity, and showcases future leaders.

The Scholarship for Women Program is an amazing summer experience for young women who have just graduated from his school and are seeking academic scholarships and opportunities for leadership development. Scholarships are available for each participant, and the program strives to empower young women in reaching their personal and professional goals while showcasing each individual’s academic abilities, public speaking skills and community service.

If you are interested in the program and how it helps shape Seattle’s future leaders, join Seafair and the Seafair Scholarship for Women Program at the Miss Seafair Coronation, taking place July 30 at Seattle Center.

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